Ceva India received Quality Recognition from Bureau Veritas Group

Ceva Polchem Private Limited India is proud to announce its national Quality Recognition for its C.H.I.C.K Program from the international testing and certification company, Bureau Veritas Group.

For the first time, a national services program delivered by an animal health company has received internationally recognized, quality approval ensuring that the quality services we provide are of the highest possible international standard.

To become Quality approved, Ceva’s India Office underwent an evaluation process and a documentation review to show compliance to the standard which is today the C.H.I.C.K Program Quality Code of Practice. The vaccination services and Equipment Team in India is composed of Ceva specialists who follow multiple hatcheries in the country applying the C.H.I.C.K Program.

After that, Ceva India received its Quality Recognition by Bureau Veritas Group certificate on February, 19th, 2021.

This Quality Stamp for Ceva India’s C.H.I.C.K Program recognizes that the policies, practices and procedures applied by our Vaccination Services & Equipment team in the country ensure consistent quality in the services when going to customer’s hatcheries to monitor the quality of the vaccination.

With this recognition, our clients can be confident that the Ceva team is dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal – having all birds well vaccinated before being sent to farms for guaranteed client satisfaction.

This Quality Stamp of approval for Ceva India by Bureau Veritas Group will guarantee to Ceva customers:

  1. Qualified teams dedicated to monitoring in ovo and day old chick vaccination quality.
  2. Delivery of continuous training for customer operators involved in the vaccination process: vaccine storage and handling, preparation, administration quality, equipment maintenance and results monitoring.
  3. Management of equipment with a preventive maintenance program.
  4. Regular hatchery visits contribute to continuous improvement of results.
  5. Regular audits under the control of an independent institution (Bureau Veritas Group)

We believe that our decision to make the C.H.I.C.K Program Quality Approved by a certification company is a proactive one that not only anticipates the demands of our clients, but also demonstrates our commitment to providing unique quality services to all our clients.

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