Ceva Innovation Summit 2023

Ceva India organised the 4th India Poultry Innovation Summit in Rhythm, Kumarakom in Kerala during 6th - 8th Feb 2023.

Ceva India organised the 4th India Poultry Innovation Summit in Rhythm, Kumarakom in Kerala during 6th - 8th Feb 2023. The summit attracted more than 85 professionals from India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. The focus of the event was innovation in Poultry by sharing knowledge and experiences among customers, industry companies and Ceva team.

“Ceva is the world leader in vector vaccine technology with the highest number of poultry vaccines registered globally and an ambitious scientific program that will result in further benefits to poultry producers from this novel technology.,” said Dr. Anant G. Wadkar, Country Manager India & South Asia, when opening the conference. “Ceva is committed to continue investing in developing innovative hatchery solutions that will make poultry production easier and more effective with our Total Solution Approach including vaccines, equipment and services.” he emphasised.

Professor Michael Hess from Department for Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health in University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna presented updates about Inclusion Body Hepatitis (FADv) updates, EU perspective & control strategy Avian Influenza and Infectious Bronchitis Diseases (IBV) in poultry.

Through a dialogue-based session, Dr. Christophe Cazaban & Dr. Marcelo Paniago convinced the audience as to how hatchery vaccination can help to control ND & IB effectively. In an endemic country like India, Vectormune ND reduces field virus circulation, provides a consistent immunization regardless MDA levels and simplifies the vaccination program. Dr. Sachin Kumar, Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati presented the Vectormune ND efficacy against NDV Genotype-XIII isolated from India and summarised that Vectormune ND provides maximum protection to the birds challenged with NDV Genotype XIII with no side effects and reduces the virus shedding effect.

On Day-2, Dr. Marcelo Paniago & Dr. Marco Aurélio Lopes presented latest evidence of stop of Gumboro cycle under field conditions by Transmune. They highlighted that "Not only in the laboratory, from controlled evidence, but the field has proven Transmune to be completely effective,”. They showcased that Transmune is global leader in hatchery IBD vaccination. At the end Dr. Anant Wadkar introduced the topic of hatchery automation equipment offering from Ceva including Egginject, Laserlife, Dovac Hi-Speed line along with CHICK program. Attendees also had the opportunity to exchange with experts from several specialist companies about the latest innovations in data management, new hatching technologies, hatchery vaccination, disease control & automation.

The summit focused both on the practical aspects of hatchery management, as well as highlighting the changes that new vaccines will bring to current programmes. This event truly demonstrated to the Indian Poultry industry that Ceva remains the leader in hatchery vaccination and automation using the Total Solution Approach.

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