Ceva creates 60 strong teams to support innovative vaccination services on farm and in the hatchery

Recent research showed Ceva that their customers want more than just good vaccines; they want 100% of their birds correctly vaccinated.

With this objective in mind, the newly formed Customer Service Equipment Department set the following objective: 

“To ensure that vaccines are properly administered, in the right place, at the right dose and in a clean environment, always using best practice.” 

This vision is driving Ceva to become the leading provider of vaccination services to hatcheries and farms around the world. It was also the rationale behind the investments in Desvac and the Ecatin-ovoJ-V, which since 2008 have seen them become the leading provider of small and large vaccination equipment.

Ceva now has service teams working in over 15 countries; all are currently being equipped with an innovative new app to help them run vaccination quality audits as part of the C.H.I.C.K. program. The app will also support the In Ovo Service Program analyzing: the in-ovo vaccination process, embryo-diagnosis, egg quality and machine conditions.  All customers using Ceva’s technically advanced vaccines are eligible to use these services through contacting their local Ceva business or distributor.

Commenting on the growth of Ceva services & equipment, the Department Director, Pascal Anjot said:

“It is easy to talk about customer service but through these investments in people, products and processes we are trying to help our customers focus on the small details that will help them deliver better results. In the end every little counts. ”

>> Click on the link below to download the Press Release: 

CSED release.pdf (189.64 kB)

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