The science of vaccinology at Lisbon Summit

Poultry professionals hear it all from Ceva at Lisbon summit

Libourne, May 6th 2014
As part of its strong commitment to the poultry industry, Ceva is organizing this spring a series of vaccinology
summits to provide producers with unique opportunities to get the complete and highest level review
regarding the science of vaccinology applied to poultry health management.

Vaccinology is a nascent field of expertise related to the creation and deployment of vaccines; the field
'borrows' from epidemiology, immunology, infectious disease, pediatrics, preventive medicine, public health,
virology… This global approach is precisely what Ceva brings to the poultry industry.

Following summits in Russia and Brazil, almost 200 poultry professionals from 21 European and African
countries (including veterinarians, poultry production managers, renowned experts and Ceva team managers),
met in Lisbon on April 28th to 30th, to discuss Present and future solutions for Gumboro disease and
Infectious Bronchitis control.

Ceva’s guests had the opportunity to hear from world expert scientists on immunology, poultry pathology,
incubation and vaccinology, in order to review the diseases and how to control them, with scientific and
practical information on prevention, vaccine administration, process control… from the hatchery to the farm.
The critical points to know, to understand, to check, to share, were discussed at length.

Gumboro disease, Infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease are some of the most challenging avian diseases
with major negative impacts on chicken production”, explains Sylvain Comte, Corporate Marketing Director –
Poultry, Ceva Group. “As part of our commitment to the poultry industry, we want to bring the latest data and
the best advice to producers. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients improve their disease control measures and
performance in their day-to-day activity”, he adds. As these events allow plenty of time for discussion, they are
also a great opportunity for Ceva to get in-depth insight into producers’ and veterinarians’ specific needs and

Feedback from vaccinology summit attendees

"Gumboro and IBV control and surveillance topics were most useful, because these are the primary questions
around the world. We gained better understanding of the means to make disease control more effective in our
"Ceva is going in the right direction because the company provides not only vaccines but equipment for their
administration and technical support to help people on the field. And this is all we need as poultry producers."
“I like the fact that independent groups research Ceva vaccines.

Innovative vaccines and equipment with tailor-made programs

Ceva has 16 new technology vaccines registered in key countries (more than the rest of the industry put
together) but innovation means nothing, if this cannot be applied in the field. That’s why the company has also
invested in the provision of vaccination and handling equipment (Desvac and Ecat) and expert tailor-made
service programs (C.H.I.C.K program) to ensure that poultry producers benefit from over 60 service managers
working in 14 countries.
Enhancing the quality and availability of information to poultry professionals on all essential angles of science,
accompanying the producers in all their daily challenges, are as essential to Ceva as producing highly innovative
In early June, Ceva’s last poultry vaccinology summit of 2014 will be held in Asia. The four international
vaccinology summits complement various national events, as well as online information which can be found on
Ceva’s popular Vectormune website ( and Transmune website  (

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