The highly effective ectoparasiticide for the control of mites,ticks and lice on cattle


Polmitraz is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 125 g/litre of the unique ingredient amitraz and is specifically formulated for animal ectoparasite control. It has exceptional activity against a broad spectrum of ticks, mange mites, lice and keds.

Polmitraz helps farmers avoid both direct and indirect losses due to ectoparasites.

Direct losses

  • Result of discomfort and damage caused by the parasites. Discomfort results in drops in milk production and retarded growth rates.
  • Ticks, mites blowflies and sheep keds cause direct damage to skin and other subcutaneous tissues.
  • The presence of salivary and fecal antigens from burrowing ectoparasites can result in significant hypersensitivity in some animals.
  • Feeding activity of the ectoparasites may result in significant blood loss, secondary infestations and pruritus.

Indirect losses

Indirect losses are due to diseases transmitted by ectoparasites including:

  • Tick borne diseases - babesiosis, theileriosis, anaplasmosis, dermatophilosis
  • Flies - transmit mastitis and keratoconjunctivitis, trypanosomiasis
  • Midges - transmit bluetongue, African horse sickness

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