Reproduction Management

Milk test for accurate non-pregnancy or heat detection

Milk test for accurate non-pregnancy or heat detection on

18th or 19th day after AI/natural service in cow & buffalo

Estrus means ‘heat’ in the dairy farmer’s common language. The back-bone of profitable dairy farming is to accurately detect the heat of the cow/buffalo and also early diagnosis of non-pregnancy. Profitability of every milking animal is governed by timely pregnancy and minimized inter-calving period (standard inter calving period for cows is 12-13 months and 13-14 months in buffaloes). This is economically significant for all dairy farmers.

The estrus cycle always appears routinely after 20/21 days in cows & buffaloes. The corpus luteum appears in the ovary at the end of estrus cycle. It secretes an important hormone called progesterone which enters into the milk via blood stream. The detectable level of progesterone in the milk appears 18 to 19 days after AI/mating.

Benefits of P4 Rapid

Uses lateral flow technology, which is more advanced & sensitive than any existing methodology

Highly user friendly

Reliably detects progesterone in the milk 18 to 19 days post AI/natural service

Detects 100% of ‘empty’ animal post AI/NS

Requires no laboratory infrastructure

Is the most dependable animal side test

P4 Rapid test requires only 10 drops of milk from any one healthy (mastitis free) quarter of the cow/buffalo. The test takes only 5 minutes.

P4 Rapid Movie link :


Conception after A.I.

Sperm capacitation is an essential precursors of normal fertilization.Spermatozoa must remain in the female reproductive tract for some period after ejaculation or AI, before they are capable of fertilization. This process of converting non-fertile spermatozoa to fertile spermatozoa is termed capacitation.

CONCEIVE helps to improve conception by:

Helping to provide a suitable environment for improved motility of sperm.

Assuring uterine contractions for sperm movement towards ovum.

Helping to release substances which mimics the action of oxytocin for effective fertilization of sperm and ovum and to ensure zygote formation.

Helping to remove uterine sub-clinical infections which are detrimental to conception.

Improving AI success rate by providing suitable environment for sperms and ovum in female reproductive tracts.


Performance Enhancer – DFM

Rumen health depends on :

Rumen pH

Rumen anaerobic environment

Production of volatile fatty acids

Nutriyeast increases lactate utilisation, which helps to stabilize the rumen pH

Nutriyeast takes up oxygen in rumen, which creates a beneficial anaerobic environment

Nutriyeast stimulates cellulolytic bacteria, which improves volatile fatty acid production

From one country to another, product lines are adapted to local demand and regulatory requirements. For further information, please take a look at the Ceva Santé Animale site for your country. Warning: the information provided on the products depends on national registrations. Access to technical information is restricted to authorised persons.

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