2013 reprodAction Scientific Meeting - April 16-17th

“Management and reproduction of dairy heifers”

May 2013, Libourne - France

Ceva Santé Animale organized the second reprodAction Scientific Meeting on April 16th and 17th at the Blanca dairy hub in Spain.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the current status of heifer’s rearing and reproduction management. The group of experts that took part in this meeting were Prof. Geert Opsomer (University of Ghent, Belgium), Dr. Giovanni Gnemmi (ECBHM Diplomate, Italy), Prof. Hilary Dobson (University of Liverpool, UK), Prof. Tomasz Janowski (University of Warmia, Poland), Prof. Victor Cabrera (University of Wisconsin, US), Prof. Tine Van Werven (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Dr. Susana Astiz (INIA Research Center, Spain), Prof. Heinrich Bollwein (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Dr. Simon King (BVM&S MRCVS. Lambert Leonard & May Vet Practice, UK), Dr. Şükrü Metin Pancarcı (University of Balıkesir, Turkey), Prof. Arya Badiei (Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran) and Dr. Marta Terre (IRTA Research Center, Spain).

Through specific lectures the participants reported the current situation of heifer rearing in every country, with a special focus on the management of nutrition, reproductive goals and economics of different synchronization strategies. The meeting was moderated by Dr Alex Souza (Global Ruminant Reproduction Technical Manager at Ceva).

Pedro Rodriguez (Global Product Manager Ruminant Reproduction at Ceva) commented “One of the outputs of this meeting is the agreement that not enough attention is paid to this specific group of animals. The right management decisions during the first months of the heifer will have a strong impact in the productivity of the animal later on in life. There is the need to provide to both veterinarians and producers the appropriate information about reproductive goals and best strategies to achieve them”.
Ceva would like to thank all the participants of the meeting for their contribution and their commitment.

reprodAction “Reproductive Management in Action” is the platform of Ceva Santé Animale’s ruminant reproduction range.

Blanca is a center aimed at conducting research about dairy farming and milk processing, dissemina¬ting the results to society and industry, and serve as a showcase for milk production and processing. Blanca is located in the heart of Ponderosa Holsteins, dairy farm funded more than 20 years ago in Hosta¬lets de Tost, Lleida, Spain.

For further information about Ceva Santé Animale and reprodAction Scientific Meetings please contact pedro.rodriguez@ceva.com or your local Ceva Santé Animale representative.

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