C our future: Egg donation campaign at orphanage to raise public awareness on child stunting.

As per global nutrition report 2021, 22% of children under 5 years of age are still affected by stunting. Stunting causes irreversible physical and mental damage to children. The immediate and underlying factors causing stunting include infant and childcare practices, hygiene and limited food security. Stunting rate can be reduced by adding protein rich food in children diet such as chicken and eggs.

Ceva India team had arranged a one-day program on 19/11/2021 at an orphanage (Saraswati Anath Shikhan Ashram, Pune) to make public awareness about child stunting and its prevention. This orphanage looks after 40 children with utmost love and care.

During this one-day activity, Ceva India team member Mr. Vishal Phadke and Mr. Kiran Chavan spoke about child stunting issue in India as well as Asia. We donated 1000 eggs in two segments. Children had a great time and shared their feelings about daily routine and missing the school fun due to the pandemic. Finally, Mr. Devidas (President of orphanage) thanked the Ceva team for arranging this activity.

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