History of the Company

After 25 years of rapid growth and constant innovation in India, in 2016 Polchem signed an agreement with Ceva to establish Ceva Polchem Pvt Ltd.


Ceva Polchem is located just outside Pune, a city with tremendous historical importance and currently one of the most vibrant educational and industrial hubs in India. The company has a state-of-the-art production facility and its own R&D cum Technical Services Laboratory. With 270 employees, it has established a strong reputation for customer service through a team of field-based veterinarians, backed up with first class diagnostic and laboratory support.


Polchem was established in 1991 by two young entrepreneurs as a modest poultry disinfectant company. It grew rapidly and diversified, developing and producing a wide range of innovative biosecurity and feed additive products for the poultry, dairy and aquaculture sectors.

25 years later, having become a well-known and respected India company, its founders realised they needed a strategic partner to take them to the next level. At the same time Ceva was looking for a partner to help them enter this strategically important market. With shared values and clear synergies, the two companies established Ceva Polchem Pvt Ltd in December 2016.

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